Conforming to God’s Will

Each Pointed Life Session helps us focus on, develop, and grow in a specific area of life. The Practice Session is about spiritual disciplines in our walk with God. Practice in the dictionary means the actual application or use of an idea or belief as opposed to the theory. Essentially, it is doing what we know. We know what we should do, but sometimes don’t know how to do it. Ingrained habits make it especially hard. Practice takes commitment and intention. The key verse for this session is  1 John 3:7. In the Amplified it reads, “Let no one deceive and lead you astray. He who practices righteousness, who is upright, conforming to the divine will in purpose, thought, and action, living a consistently conscientious life, is righteous, even as He is righteous.” Conforming to the divine will in purpose, thought, and action, living a consistently conscientious life can be reworded in a way that helps us understand what it really means for us. “Practicing righteousness is to shape our life for God’s will and His will being the reason we live, what we think about, and directing what actions we take with an unchanging and undeviating desire to do what is right in His eyes.” Let it be so for us all. This is practicing righteousness. And this, my friend, is what The Pointed Life is all about.


The Invitation

Inner Transformation

Repeat God

Expectation in God

Transformed Passions

Begin Again

Called to Greatness

Practice Righteousness

Direct Thoughts

Student of Prayer

Practice Stillness

Now is Good

The Lord of Glory

Our Inner Change

God’s Good Thoughts

To Breathe is To Pray

Fight for Good Habits

Cultivate What Matters

Our Living Hope

Our One Thing

Thoughts Move You

Seek First

Commit to Tending



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