Everything with a Place and Purpose

Each Pointed Life Session helps us focus on, develop, and grow in a specific area of life. The Place Session is about being encouraged in the place God has you, loving the place you make your home, and finding a place of rest in the midst of the chaos of life. The key verse for this session is in Proverbs 16:6 that says, “God made everything with a place and purpose.” Sometimes we are waiting to be called to the place you thought we would be. Sometimes God calls us out of our comfort zone to a new place, and it takes true faith to take each step to take us the distance. Sometimes God calls us to a place we do not want to go. And many times He calls us to a place we where feel sorely deficient in the ability to do the task God is calling us to do while we are there. We can rest assured that no matter what place we find ourselves in, God will meet us there when we call Him.


Place and Purpose

The Tarrying Place

Our Home in God

Refuse To Be Captive

God Heals Pain

Escape the Noise

Where God Is

God’s Home in Us

Room for Growth

Beauty in Preparation

The Resting Place

God is Enough

Grace and Beauty

A Place to Meet

God Sees

The Good Place

Beautifully Imperfect

Your Freedom

More of God



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